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ST BlowMoulding designs and delivers extrusion-blow moulding machines dedicated to industrial applications. Since 1980 – in the past alongside with ST Soffiaggio Tecnica, Meico and Zaga brands – it has been developing its products around the needs of its customers.

Blow Moulding Machines

Accumulator head machines - AX Series

The maximum energy efficiency according to Euromap 46.1 is now outclassed.

Blow Moulding Machines

Accumulator head machines - ISIT Series

The mould clamping unit with single cylinder and double tie-bar characterises the ISIT Series of extrusion-blow moulding machines.

Blow Moulding Machines

Continuous extrusion machines - EC Series

The continuous extrusion-blow moulding machines of the EC Series are the natural choice to produce multilayer items with high melt strength HDPE.

Blow Moulding Machines

Accumulator head machines - TA Series

The extrusion-blow moulding machines with accumulator head of the TA Series have been the hallmark of ST BlowMoulding for many years under the ST Soffiaggio Tecnica, Zaga and Meico brands.

Blow Moulding Machines

Parison suction machines - ASPI Series

ST BlowMoulding is the world leading manufacturer of extrusion-blow moulding machines with parison suction technique, not only in terms of machines delivered, but also for its undoubted technological leadership.



Our pride is to provide specific, competitive solutions for every extrusion-blow moulding application.
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Worldwide safe deliveries

Modern day buzzwords in this industrial sector are functionality and standardisation.

Enhancing performance, reducing emissions

The automotive sector faces severe challenges: production costs must decrease and components must be lighter to minimise fuel consumption.

Imagine a plastic object, we’ll shape it

The Specialties sector encompasses a wide range of goods manufactured by extrusion-blow moulding.


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