A North-American style machine with a Swiss-Italian touch: ISIT 1320 Dual

During its digital event ““WEX 2021 – the Web Exhibition”, ST BlowMoulding has presented its Dual head blow moulding machine ISIT 1320, this machine should have been exhibited at NPE 2021 Exhibition in Orlando.

Dual Head blow moulding machines are widely diffuse onthe US market due to the highest production volume required.

With this latest project, ISIT 1320 Dual Head, STBlowMoulding has introduced several features that boosted the functionality of this machine type.

Each head has a top blow device, the most straightforward alternative to a bottom blow stand.

Heads are adjustable side to side, and their center distance is variable to fit asymmetric cavities and minimize flash. Take-out pliers have been designed with pneumatic compensation in order to prevent arms deflection.

The machine is supplied with a removable static access cage for an ergonomic die and core changeover. Moreover, the operator is aided by a swing arm to support the tooling weight during maneuvers.  

On ISIT 1320 Dual Head, a significant energy saving is achieved with an innovative hydraulic power pack equipped with a pre-filling cylinder and variable speed pumps that minimize the energy needed for clamping and motion.

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