Blowmoulded graphene-enhanced liners now a reality for the hydrogen industry!

Uppsala, Sweden — Graphmatech AB, a leading company in the development of graphene-enhanced polymers, is proud to announce its collaboration with ST Blowmoulding to achieve the first successful blow moulding production of graphene-carrying HDPE liners on their ASPI 200 BM machine. This achievement demonstrates the compatibility of Graphmatech’s graphene-carrying thermoplastics with another key industrial production method, opening new avenues for the mass production of graphene-enhanced products.

Graphene’s exceptional properties make it an excellent additive for Type IV pressure vessel liners. This results in less hydrogen gas leakage, among other improvements, aiding in providing a more reliable storage solution for hydrogen gas. The successful production of these liners paves the way towards a hydrogen-fueled society, offering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution. This collaboration with ST Blowmoulding also confirms Graphmatech’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that can be integrated into large-scale production processes. The company will continue to work towards bringing graphene-enhanced products to market, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. The tests were made on Graphmatech’s AROS MB HDPE – EX which is available in 1 kg and 5 kg bags through their webshop.

“Raising the readiness level of our offerings by confirming the compatibility with large-scale industrial manufacturing systems is a key activity for us. We are excited to continue working with the excellent team at ST Blowmoulding for further developments.” says Torkel Nord Bjärneman, Business Development Manager at Graphmatech.

“ST Blowmoulding commitment to cutting-edge technologies and materials is proven by this new collaboration with Graphmatech. Exploring new solutions in the area of the Type IV pressure vessels is a key strategy to keep our leadership as tier 1 supplier of blow molding equipment. We are excited to work together with Graphmatech and more developments will come soon.” Says Giorgio Longoni, Sales Director at ST BlowMoulding.

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Torkel Nord Bjärneman, Business Development Manager – Polymers
+46 730 92 05 60

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Graphmatech AB delivers patented next-generation materials to support the green transition. The company is best known for its polymers for the hydrogen economy, improved metals for electrification, conductive polymers for 3D printing and graphene additives for batteries. Founded as a spinout from Uppsala University in 2017, Graphmatech is a privately held Swedish company with a diverse team spanning eight nationalities.
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