Top energy saving on large blow moulded parts

Despite the period of uncertainty caused by Covid-19 pandemic, ST BlowMoulding never slowed down and has recently delivered two big blow moulding machines model TA 2000 with 200 and 300 tons clamping force.
The machines' acceptance was done remotely with a live tour of the machines in production led by our expert technicians. These blow moulding machine are designed with three cylinders vertically aligned on each side of the clamping unit that guarantee the perfect clamping force distribution on the vertical axes. The TA series is ideal for producing particularly large blow moluded articles.

For a faster and safer mould change, the machines are equipped with a shuttling cart and a fixture for the mould lifting that assures mold change operation to be carried out in complete safety. Besides, specific devices for quick die tooling change have been included. By far the most important implementations are certainly those that have been made in terms of energy-saving that has always been one of ST BlowMoulding main focus. In these machines, a significant energy saving is achieved with a particular hydraulic unit: the hydraulic system has pre-filling cylinders that minimize the energy needed for clamping. The Hydraulic system is designed with variable speed pumps that further reduce the energy required for motion.

Concerning the plasticizing unit, the machine can rely on a highly efficient adiabatic extruder of HEX generation. Thanks to the highly performing multiple insulation and its melting efficiency, it delivers a great throughput with minimal energy consumption. The extruders are provided with reluctance motors that showed the best energy performance among the synchronous motors.

ST BlowMoulding Team remains at your disposal for any further information.

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