Celebrating 40 years with ST BlowMoulding

ST BlowMoulding was established in 1980, and today, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, we are pleased to dedicate a thought to those who tookpart in its history. It has been 40 years of goals, choices and sometimes daring changes, constant commitment and a lot of satisfaction.


One of the greatest successes of ST BlowMoulding, leader in suction blowmoulding technology, is the ASPI Series blow moulding machines, of which, in just over 10 years, ST BlowMoulding has sold more than 140 machines.

Even in the technological field, there was no lack of significant innovations such as the 4WDS lateral radial thickness control system and D-Print / W-Print parison marker devices.


Furthermore, the last few years highlight the ever more constant presence of ST BlowMoulding in the industrial packaging field with the increasing production of blow moulding machines for the manufacturing of IBCand machines with parison transfer technology for L-Ring drums.


A special thanks goes to those who have believed in us over the years: our partners and customers who have honored us with their trust, the employees, and all the professionals who with their passion and competence, have contributed making this milestone possible.


Moving Forward, by Your Side.

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